Keynote Speaker


Principal Investigator at Project Zero (PZ) and Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE)

Daniel is a Principal Investigator and former Director (2014-2023) of Project Zero (PZ) and Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE). He teaches and researches topics of workplace learning, leadership & collaboration, and designing learning places. He is the co-founder of the Learning Innovations Lab and founder of the Designing Learning Places Lab at PZ/HGSE.

He is currently directing the Learning Inside-Out project that examines the qualities of outdoor learning places that influence student learning and well-being. The project is in collaboration with the Graduate School of Education at the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela and the SEK International Schools in Spain. Since 2015, Daniel has co-directed the Pedagogy of Play project, funded by the LEGO Foundation, which examines the cross-cultural dimensions of playful learning in Colombia, Denmark, South Africa, Taiwan, and the US. From 2006-2011 he was a research fellow at IDEO, an acclaimed design company, where he researched how design teams at IDEO develop learning and leadership behaviors—such as help-seeking and feedback-giving—as part of their professional practice.

Since joining Project Zero as a researcher in 1993, Daniel has also participated on projects such as: Teaching for Understanding (1993-1996), Understanding for Organizations (1996-1999), Teaching for Understanding in Universities (1996-1999), Wide World Project (1999-2002), Project-based Learning in After Schools Project (2000- 2002), the Storywork Project with the International Storytelling Institute (2002-2004), the Making Learning Visible project (2008-2011), and Making Learning and Thinking Visible in Italian Secondary Schools (2017-2019), Leading Learning that Matters (2014-present), and the Leadership Education and Playful Pedagogies project with the United Nations (2021-2023).

Dr. Daniel Gray Wilson Sessions