Chris Beingessner

Principal, Singapore American School

Chris Beingessner is the Middle School Principal at Singapore American School. Over the last 23 years, Chris held numerous teaching and school leadership roles spanning Pre-K to grade 12. He began his career teaching middle school in rural Saskatchewan, Canada, and his first international experience was as Middle School Coordinator at Northbridge International School Cambodia in 2005. He is working alongside his colleagues in the Middle School at SAS to innovate learning spaces in an effort to break down the traditional structures that permeate schools, but stand in the way of deep, authentic learning. He is a co-researcher with the University of Melbourne on a scoping study on the impacts of Innovative Learning Environments on student learning, well-being and inclusion. While he loves Singapore, which he and his family have called home since 2015, Chris laments not being able to do as many DIY projects around the home as he once did.