About Us

The Team

The team behind Lead to Succeed is brings their background working in leading international schools around the world as well as deep experience in designing impactful professional learning to bring you a really world class learning experience.

Interested to join the team? Drop us a note at info@leadtosucceed.community.

Background to Lead to Succeed

For four years 21CL ran the successful Global Education Leadership Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. This event was focused on highlighting new and innovative models for school structures which would serve as inspiration and potentially blueprints for those joining the event. Coming out of the pandemic, we see a need for a different kind of event that is focused on supporting existing and emerging school leaders with all of the different components of what makes a successful school. We believe we should still be reaching for change and transformation but ultimately this change and transformation will come from doing the hard work day to day in the schools we have.

The purpose of this event is to provide a high quality deep dives into various areas of school leadership. Participants will leave the event inspired, with practical skills they can take back to their schools and with ideas about what they want to learn next.

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Feedback From Attendees

The conference [GELS] was a fantastic concentration of educators from all over the world, focused on improving education for students from all backgrounds. An amazing professional development experience.

Excited to be travelling to Bangkok today for the best conference of the year 21CGELS.

Congratulations on running such a successful conference. I really don’t exaggerate when I tell you that it was one of the best events in which I’ve participated in a long time. Well done!

This weekend has helped me clarify my recent thinking about the educational imperatives of our age. The blend of research informed analysis, and practical examples of current innovation in schools worldwide has crystallised for me the path my school needs to take in addressing the needs of our learners. Thank you for the opportunity to attend the conference and listen to such a range of inspirational researchers and practitioners.